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Behind The Chroma Collection

“The creative process is a process of surrender, not control.” -Julia Cameron

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“The creative process is a process of surrender, not control.” -Julia Cameron 

Featured in Design Bureau, Departures, Elle Decor and Interior Design, and exhibited at Sight Unseen OFFSITE.

The Chroma Collection celebrates the gestural abstraction and authenticity of painting, featuring an array of distinctive, unexpected and ethereal visual effects. Exploring the freedom of the hand in motion, the rugs become canvases, creating a striking contrast between the vibrant hues and austere background.

Here we allow you to explore the process of our designers while creating this collection. Yasmina Benazzou, Global Design Director of Tai Ping, says  for this collection she “wanted to reconnect with the spontaneity and authenticity of handmade design, exploring the aesthetic of abstract painting without the influence of technology.”

Above, you can see her inspiration board for this minimalistic, colourful and abstract collection of rugs. Many of the rugs consist of unpredictable drops and splashes of colour as well as gradient hues.

Chroma was developed from hand-rendered artwork
Chroma was developed from hand-rendered artwork

 Below you can see the handmade designs (left) which were later crafted in combinations of wool, silk, and flax to create the finished product (right).

"Beyond Touch" / Chroma Collection
‘Beyond Touch’ / Chroma Collection

‘Beyond Touch’ is the result of spontaneous hand motion. The paint splash interacts naturally with water, resulting in a delicate flow of colour. The strong hues are represented in delicate silk on a white wool and flax background.

'Fluxus' / Chroma Collection
‘Fluxus’ / Chroma Collection

‘Fluxus’ features an irregular border made from intricate brushstrokes, resembling a watercolour painting that evokes an almost trompe l’oeil effect. The gradations of acid yellows are accented with apple green, made in a high cut pile of semi-worsted wool.

'Prismatic' / Chroma Collection
‘Prismatic’ / Chroma Collection

‘Prismatic’ is a circular rug replicating a painterly hand. The watercolour effect is achieved using intricate blending techniques in multiple colours of delicate silk.

'Spectrum' / Chroma Collection
‘Spectrum’ / Chroma Collection

The ‘Spectrum’ rug features a spectacular border of vivid colours, mirroring the bleeding effect created through the use of rich, saturated dyes. Made in a semi-worsted wool loop, the blending technique between colours demonstrates an expert level of hand-tufted expertise.

The Chroma Collection was launched at the 2014 London Design Week  in the Chelsea Design Centre. To see the full collection, visit our Pinterest board here.


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